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At Daytona Adventures, we sell a variety of different types of eBikes. Whether you’re looking to cruise, commute too/from work, or explore your adventurous side, we’ve got the eBike that is perfect for you. Please give us a call for an honest eBike recommendation based on your lifestyle and everyday needs.

Cruise On The Beach

Our beach cruiser eBikes combine balloon tires, an upright seating posture, and straightforward steel construction with expressive styling.

Coast On The Streets

Feel confidence as you commute too/from work or take a pleasant ride into town on one of our eBikes designed for your everyday route.

Hit The Nature Trails

Our all-terrain eBikes are becoming an obsession amongst adventurous riders who enjoy tackling any landscape on their eBikes, including mountain bike trails.

Our State-of-the-Art eBike Service Shop is Open!

Whether you bought your eBike from Daytona Adventures or not, when your eBike needs service we are the experts. Daytona Adventures services all the brands that we sell and many more.

From simple tune-ups to flat tire repair to professional assembly to technical problem solving, we do it all. We are the authorized service center for many eBike brands with the parts and know-how to keep your eBike on the road, trails, or beach.

No matter where you bought your Rad Power Bike, Himiway, Sondors, Magnum, Addmotor, Motiv, and many others, we’re here for you.

Try Before You Buy With A Test Ride - You Can’t Do That Online!

Daytona Adventures offers a free test ride with each of our eBike models. We understand how important it is to purchase the perfect ride for your riding needs. Come on in and take it for a spin and let us know what you think.

Magnum Cruiser


A beautifully designed beach cruiser-style electric bike well suited to urban riding or commuting. Powerful 500-watt motor paired with a large 48 volt 13 amp hour battery pack, offers both pedal assist and throttle mode. One-year limited warranty.

Magnum Ranger


This Magnum Ranger is the most comfortable pedal-forward fat tire cycling experience you will ever have. This amazing electric bike is designed for comfort and speed. Sit back, relax, and take a ride in the city or on the beach with your friends or family. The Magnum Ranger provides an exciting combination of recreation, technology, and power.

Magnum Peak T5


The Peak T5 has a torque pedal assist sensor that works in tandem with the rider for a more energy-efficient ride (saving battery power). The 1×11 wide range drive train eliminates the front derailleur streamlining the bike and decreasing weight. These features powered by a 500W 48V power system with a top speed of 25 MPH make the Peak T5 an ideal choice for trail riding.

Magnum Cosmo X


The Magnum Cosmo X has a light low step frame with a fully integrated battery. The powerful 48 Volt electric system runs a 500W motor paired with a 15Ah battery for the range and power you need to run errands or go on a relaxing bike ride.

Magnum Metro S


The Magnum Metro S is a touring/all-road electric bike built for road riding, commuting, recreational riding, and gravel trails. Step-thru frame for easy mounting and dismounting. The 48V 500W power system offers both pedal assist and throttle mode. One-year limited warranty.

Magnum Metro 750


The Magnum Metro 750 is a touring/all-road electric bike built for road riding, commuting, recreational riding, and gravel trails. Step-thru frame for easy mounting and dismounting. The 48V 750W power system offers both pedal assist and throttle mode. One-year limited warranty.

Motiv The "Sleek"


The traditional step-thru combines functionality with agility. You’ll zip through neighborhoods in style and when you need a boost it’s just a throttle twist away.

Motiv The "Spark"


All it took was one idea shot off in the dark to start the Motiv family. This standard frame provides a beach cruiser feel until you twist the throttle to annihilate any hill that stands in your way.

Addmotor M-66 R7


Unique different style of electric bike you’ve never seen. Combined with a 1970’s retro impressive-look and step-thru frame, the M-66 R7 is the most distinctive e-bike on the market. Strong, solid, practical. The bike is everything you thought it would be. You can ride the bike as a commuter to work daily, cruising through the city, uphill, conquer the uneven road, beach, snow, etc. Pedal-assist or just cruise using juice, it’s up to you.

Addmotor M-430


The M-430 is our newest approachable fat bike thanks to the step-thru design and 24″ wheels and tires that make getting on and off this fat tire electric bike quick and easy. The rugged frame design, big fat tires, and spring suspension fork make this is a perfect comfy bike for quick trips and longer adventures.

Addmotor M-550 P7


The M-550 P7 is the best electric fat bike to explore your world. Features a sturdy-built frame and extra 4” wide tires, the fat e-bike is ready for the forests, the deep sand, beaches, snow, and everything in between, offering great handling and performance well on the go. The bike is the perfect fit for adults between 5’10” and 6’5” in height and weight under 300lbs.

Addmotor M-140 R7


The M-140 R7 fat tire step-thru integrated wheel folding electric bike is merely wonderful. It’s an excellent choice for you who wants an electric bike that is portable, affordable, and powerful enough to handle a wide range of use. The collapsible top tube, folding frame, and pedal make it portable easily and quickly fold down to store in your car, under your desk at work, or anywhere you will use it. Seamlessly connect from car to the woods or park, from home to the metro, and toward the office.

Addmotor M-150 R7


Easy folding and space-saving. The M-150 R7 is built up with a folding top-tube, a foldable mainframe, and folding pedals for a very low-profile folded design that you can fold easily within 10 seconds. Its compact size means that you can keep it by your feet at your desk, rather than risking leaving it outside. It also means a lot if you like to take your bike on a long-distance holiday, cus you can be able to collapse the bike into a manageable size making you store it portable in a truck or SUV and save space.

Biria Step-Through Folding


Introducing the new Biria Electric Step-Through Folding. It has the appearance of a normal folding bike with a lithium-ion battery inside the frame. This stylish frame is ultra-low step-through. With a 500 Watt motor and 36V, 12.8 Amp LG battery, it has a range potential of 22-30 miles per charge. This is a pedal-assist electric bike that also has a throttle, but the throttle can be easily disconnected and taken out in minutes.

Biria Easy Boarding


Introducing the new Biria Electric Easy Boarding, the original patented frame, designed in Germany. At 50.5 lbs, it is one of the lightest-weight electric bikes in its class. The Biria Electric Easy Boarding works with pedal assist as well as a throttle.

Why a front-hub motor? The simple answer is stability and a smooth ride. The weight of the front hub motor neutralizes the weight of the battery in the rear and the ride becomes super smooth and balanced. This bike has been tested and trued for ultimate pleasure and safety.