eBike Commuting in Florida

eBikes make commuting a breeze

eBike Commuting in Florida

Electric bikes or eBikes are becoming a viable option for people traveling to work or riding around town doing various errands.

Compared to cars, eBikes offer a very compelling cost-benefit argument vs. automobiles. Even taking into account the expense of replacing a battery, the cost difference is tremendous. Court Rye, an electric bicycle expert, said: “Basically, electric bikes are about three times less expensive to operate than cars from a current fuel cost perspective.”

E-bikes come in many varieties, with different features. In  Florida, Daytona Adventures offers a variety of eBikes to choose from. For commuting in Florida, a cruiser-style bike with a battery-powered electric motor, and a steady jet-pack boost at five levels of power works great for commuting. Co-founder Dan Gardner at Daytona Adventures said eBikes are a great alternative to cars as you can easily get 20 to 40 miles on one battery charge.

Playing with the controls, you go faster when you pedal, though you can coast. Hills and bridges feel breezy, and you can enjoy the fresh air. Cranking the throttle to full speed, you and feel the power quickly and are able to speed through any dicey situations in traffic.

Electric bicycles afford a more stable and versatile platform for utility modifications than other micromobility vehicles. Food delivery, courier services, hauling small wheeled loads, and more can be accomplished with attachments and accessories to the bike frame. eBikes can also bear a much higher load than scooters, lending themselves to hauling enormous panniers and impressive trailers.

It is strongly recommended that you charge the bike while at work, ensuring a full charge on the commute home.

For more information on eBike Commuting in Florida and information on eBikes, contact the experts at Daytona Adventures where you can test ride various makes and models of eBikes.eBike commuting in Florida