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Here is Why You Should Consider Getting an Electric Bike – Part 2

eBike sales in Ormond Beach

The first time I hopped on an electric bike I thought wow, what a cool ride. I had seen my next door neighbor riding an older model. I found out he traded his mountain bike for the eBike and now he routinely goes on 20-mile rides 3 times a week. So now I’m in the market to get one. Outside of the cool ride, what were the other benefits of an eBike?

Positive environmental impacts of electric bikes

eBikes, like their traditional counterparts, are much better for the environment than cars. In fact, electric bikes are six times more energy efficient than even rail transit, and their environmental impact echoes that of traditional bikes.

According to National Geographic, motor vehicles produce more than 30% of carbon dioxide, 80% of carbon monoxide, and 50% of nitrogen oxide emissions each year in the US. Much of this pollution is produced by commuters making short trips from home to work and back, and switching to an electric bicycle for these commutes cuts down on a huge amount of harmful emissions and fossil fuel usage.

In fact, if every American living within five miles of their work were to commute by bike at least one day a week, it would be like taking a million cars off the road entirely.

Several countries either have or are about to introduce legislation that will ban the sale of petrol and diesel vehicles. The UK and France will probably ban the sale of petrol and diesel cars beyond 2040 and Germany is poised to do the same. Essentially, any economy that doesn’t depend on oil revenue to survive is probably considering the best way to force its citizens to go Green.

Before you buy, test ride an eBike

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eBike sales in Ormond Beach

eBike Sales in Ormond Beach Area