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Fun & Activities for Seniors: Why Play Is Important and How to Do More of It

Things for retirees to do in Daytona Beach and surrounding areas

Do your ideas about activities for seniors need an inspiring lift? You wouldn’t be the first person to say yes. After all, it’s sometimes easy to forget how much fun life can really be—regardless of your age. Joyful pursuits are what make us feel truly alive, engaged, and connected. The world becomes more vibrant and inviting when we give ourselves permission to play.

That’s why it’s such a good idea to explore all kinds of different options for having fun. Every senior deserves to pursue enjoyable pastimes that make him or her laugh, lose track of time, or feel like a goofy kid at heart. Plus, many of the best activities for senior citizens cost little or no money. (For example, being silly—just for the sake of it—doesn’t have to cost a single penny.)

What is fun anyway?

That may seem like an odd or very basic question, but it’s worth taking seriously. Besides, fun might be a little harder to define than you think. We all have own ideas about what is fun or pleasurable. The kinds of experiences that create the feelings we think of as fun are extremely diverse and wide-ranging. No two people share exactly the same responses to every type of experience.

Even so, it’s important to maintain a helpful awareness of the general concept, especially if you’re a senior. Fun shouldn’t be ignored by anybody. You’re never too old to benefit from it.

So, what’s the best way to define fun? Maybe we should think of it this way: Fun is the intense enjoyment you feel when doing a voluntary activity that offers a consuming sense of positive engagement. Sometimes, it’s the result of being free to play without expectations or the pressure of potential consequences, much like children do. And, of course, fun is the complete opposite of boring. Fun lightens your heart.

Why is play important for Seniors?

Here’s where the subject of fun and play gets really interesting. The importance of play can’t be overstated. That’s true for everybody, but it might be particularly true for seniors. After all, in our later years, many of us become more prone to issues that can affect our health and happiness. So any activities that can help us restore or prolong our vitality are essential. Having fun is a lot more powerful in that regard than most people probably realize.

In fact, scientific studies continue to show that play and fun activities—for older adults or people of any age—can have several major benefits. For example, play has the power to help:

  • Improve how your brain works. Do you want to maintain your memory and optimize your ability to learn new things? Playing and having fun—on a regular basis—can help you avoid memory problems and enhance your creativity and mental sharpness.
  • Heal, maintain or establish relationships. Our social lives are incredibly important for our overall well-being. However, a lot of seniors are lonely. In fact, on average, seniors without spouses or partners spend about 10 hours alone each day.1 But fun and play can enable seniors to make new friends or improve existing relationships. After all, things like laughter and friendly competition are known to increase harmony, trust, empathy, and intimacy among people who experience them together.
  • Improve your mental and emotional well-being. Do you like the way you feel when you have a brighter outlook on life and your sense of time recedes into the background? Engaging in fun and playful activities can expand your optimism, multiply your moments of joy, and reduce your stress. It can even help you prevent depression.
  • Extend your life and improve your physical vitality. Who doesn’t want to feel younger or more energetic? Creating plenty of fun moments in your life can be a good way to boost your immune system, reduce your risk of illness, and minimize your perception of any existing pain you might already have.

As you can see, play should be a major part of life for everyone. We can all probably use many more experiences of pure child-like joy. It’s who we are, no matter our age.

Fun outdoor activities for retirees in the Daytona Beach Area

A lot of fun games for senior citizens involve physical activity. They give you the opportunity to get some exercise, improve your hand-eye coordination, get some fresh air and feel a sense of control over the physical world. All of that can be very satisfying, especially if you get to overcome fun obstacles or compete with other people in a friendly way. Consider examples like:

 A relatively new outdoor activity that is gaining popularity with retirees and the older crowd is electric bikes or eBikes. eBikes allow for easy transportation up and down the beach or on any of our side streets throughout the area. For more information on things to do for retirees in Daytona Beach or eBikes check out Daytona Adventures which offers bike rentals and sales of electric bikes.
Things to do for retirees in Daytona Beach