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Daytona Adventures

Book your 'DAY-venture' ebike rental in Daytona Beach
Free delivery!

eBikes are electric powered bicycles designed for any and all fitness levels. Great fun and a great way to see Daytona Beach!


eBike rentals from Ormond Beach to New Smyrna Beach - FREE delivery to local hotels!

Our eBikes will take you effortlessly down the beach, through our parks, to the Daytona International Speedway and everywhere in between. Cruise at a comfortable 20mph, as you take in the scenery. Pedal as much or as little as you want. Free entrance to our beach on an eBike. The Speedway offers eBike parking right out front. Traffic during special events will be a breeze on an eBike. No matter where you choose to go -  you arrive smiling and cool! 

eBikes are the best transportation on vacation.

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Beautiful eBikes

Choose from a great selection of Rad Powerbikes. Cruise up to 20 miles per hour without breaking a sweat! Our eBikes can take you just about anywhere in the Daytona Beach area.

Enjoy your ride

eBike rental in Daytona Beach

From Ormond Beach to New Smyrna - see it all with style, comfort and ease!

Look to Daytona Adventures for the best in Rad Powerbikes!

Book your romantic Sunrise beach ride!

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Free delivery to local hotels

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We are happy to provide FREE delivery and pickup right out front of your hotel!

visit our 'tours' page for a list of guided tours

We Sell electric bikes! New and used

Our Partners

Jose Cifuentes
Owner of Jimmy Hula's
191 E. Granada Blvd. Ormond Beach,FL
IG @jimmyhulas_ormond

Jimmy Hula's

Great food and drinks!

A Daytona Adventures eBike pickup/drop off location.

Jose Cifuentes

Owner of Jimmy Hula's

191 E. Granada Blvd. Ormond Beach, FL

IG  @jimmyhulas_ormond


Granada Surf Shop
Excellent surf items, apparel and beachwear! Checkout our eBikes at the surf shop.

Granada Surf Shop

A great place for surf items and beach apparel. 

Our eBikes are now displayed at the surf shop. Stop by to check them out!


Owner of Granada Surf Shop

220 E. Granada Blvd. Ormond Beach, FL

IG @granadasurfshop



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Daytona Adventures

394 South Yonge St, Suite A Ormond Beach, Florida 32174, United States

(386) 307-6900


The Three Amigas

Watch three lovely ladies ride our pedal assist bicycles! Listen to their experience  at the end of the video.